ClassTrack is an organizational tool that assists students in tracking their assignments, tasks, grades, and grade point average. ClassTrack allows students to track their progress thoughout their entire school experience.

By organizing your classes into semesters and years ClassTrack allows you a detailed view of you GPA at all levels. You may even simulate grades achieved to see the effect a grade will have on your overall GPA.

ClassTrack classifies all of your assignments into the groups defined in your class syllabus. This arrangement ensures you get an accurate view of each assignments effect on your overall grade.


* Manage class information such as instructors and schedule.

* Organize your assignments logically using your class syllabus.

* Track tasks based on class and priority.

* Track your GPA using either a point scale or a by credit hours.

* Estimate your GPA by simulating assignments for an accurate view of where you may stand in the future.

* Easily customized grade scoring to suit your school.

* Comprehensive online documentation to get started quickly and easily